Wild turkeys can live up to 12 years.

These intelligent birds form complex social groups and spend their days foraging, using their beaks to search for insects, acorns, grains and other delicacies. Life is very different for turkeys raised on factory farms. They can’t engage in natural behaviors. Their lives are short and painful—male turkeys live just over 130 days and are bred to grow at an accelerated pace, causing muscular, skeletal and other health problems.

Wild turkeys in the Utah mountains
Turkeys deserve better.

In the wild, turkey broods have home ranges of up to 500 acres. Small groups forage together by day; at night, they roost high in trees. But in commercial production systems, turkeys are confined to tiny spaces—as little as 2.5 cubic feet per bird, about the size of a minifridge.

Many captive turkeys in a farm
Did you know?

Turkeys enjoy tight-knit families—not only do broods remain together for up to five months, but male siblings form lifelong social units.

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