Zebras are striped, horse-like mammals that live across Africa.

Zebras are social animals that live together in groups. They help the local ecosystem by grazing on dry, hardened grass that is too tough for other species (such as wildebeest, ostriches and antelopes) to digest.

Mountain Zebra standing in grassland, Mountain Zebra National Park, South Africa
Every zebra is important.

Unfortunately, they are threatened by habitat fragmentation and loss, disease transmission and competition for resources with livestock, loss of genetic diversity, extreme weather and overhunting—which occurs at the local level for their meat and skins and internationally in the trophy hunting industry.

A hunter posing with a zebra he shot at a captive hunting ranch in South Africa.
Did you know?

No two zebras have the same stripe pattern!

A male leopard of approximately 70 kg is shot in Namibia by a white hunter

Stand with us in condemning the killing of wildlife for trophies, both in the United States and around the world. Sign the petition to end this cruel and unsportsmanlike pastime.

Lord Mountbatten / Wikemedia Commons