At the Humane Society of the United States, we take on the toughest fights for all animals, and we do our best to live up to an early mission statement of our founders: Every field of humane work – everywhere. From working with state and federal lawmakers to ensure maximum protections for animals, to forging corporate partnerships to reduce animal suffering, to rescuing animals from natural and man-made disasters, to the implementation of programs to reduce the population of homeless animals, our work spans the entire spectrum of animal protection, both here in the United States and abroad, through the work of our affiliate, Humane Society International.

Consider just a few of the battles we have waged and won in the last three months: In Ohio, we helped pass a law that bans some of the cruelest practices used by commercial dog breeders, like stacking dogs in cramped, wire-floored cages one on top of the other. In California, we helped collect enough signatures to qualify for the ballot a measure to enact clear standards to protect farm animals by prohibiting cruel cage confinement in the state and banning the sale in California of eggs and meat from hens, veal calves, and mother pigs forced to live in tiny cages. In Florida, we helped place on the ballot a measure that would end abusive greyhound racing. Earlier this month, Gov. Bruce Rauner of Illinois signed House Bill 4843 into law, making Illinois the ninth state in the United States to restrict the sale of ivory and rhino horn products.

In July, we saved nearly 100 animals, including dogs and cats, from a large-scale cruelty situation in Mississippi. And in Rhode Island, also in July, we helped pass a long-fought-for piece of legislation to protect hens abused for eggs.

Recently, too, as part of our Cats and Wildlife initiative, we have launched a first-of-its-kind cat census, the DC Cat Count Project, to help improve humane management options for outdoor cat populations.

On the disaster front, we have brought help to animals suffering after the eruption of a volcano in Guatemala, and animals affected by unprecedented flooding in India.

And just the other day, we released the results of an investigation into the trade in giraffe parts and products throughout the United States, a market that threatens to push giraffes further toward extinction.

The current political landscape has brought new challenges, as we fight to maintain protections that are under siege. For example, Congress and the current administration have both proposed detrimental changes to the Endangered Species Act that would weaken the law and make it harder to secure protections for endangered and threatened species. The proposed changes would make it harder to ensure that threatened and endangered animals, including species like the bald eagle, the grizzly bear and African lions and elephants, are not driven to extinction.

We have staff members working tirelessly on all of these issues, but no part of our work to help animals would be possible without your support. This month you can double the impact of your donations to the HSUS: by making a contribution to the Paws United for a Cause Facebook fundraising page created by PayPal.

Here are a few of the ways we’ll put your donation to work:

  • Supporting lifesaving pet adoption and spay/neuter initiatives
  • Stopping puppy mills through consumer awareness campaigns and public policy initiatives
  • Pushing for stronger laws against animal cruelty, neglect and fighting
  • Ending the use of animals in cosmetics testing and promoting humane alternatives
  • Rescuing animals from both natural disasters and situations of man-made cruelty
  • Ending wildlife abuse and helping people learn to coexist with their wild neighbors

PayPal will match your donation to the Facebook fundraiser —up to $100,000—when you use PayPal to make it (terms apply). With your help, we can ensure we are doing all we can to help animals.

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