In the most remote regions of Romania, economic hardship means that resources and opportunities of many kinds are scarce. And yet, the bond between humans and companion animals is as strong here as it is anywhere. 

For instance, on her way home one rainy evening in Valea Plopului, Ana, a single mom of two young children, found a cardboard box on the side of the road. Inside were three tiny and shivering kittens. Without thinking twice, Ana took them home. Her children were thrilled and gave the kittens names: Luna, Tiger and Snow. 

When Ana’s son, Alex, fell seriously ill, and Ana was overwhelmed with worry and exhaustion, Luna never left Alex’s side, purring softly to comfort him. The other two cats, Tiger and Snow, stayed close to Ana’s daughter, Maria, lifting her spirits. As Alex recovered from his illness, Ana realized that these cats had truly become a part of their family. They provided comfort and companionship, especially during nights when Ana worked late. The thought of ever having to give up these family members because of a lack of resources or affordable veterinary care was simply unthinkable. 

That’s why programs to ensure animals stay with their families have a profound effect on people’s lives. When Luna, Tiger and Snow were old enough, our team in Romania was honored to be able to provide spaying, vaccinations and anti-flea treatments to these furry family members.