Almost a decade ago when we started closing and removing dogs from dog meat farms in South Korea, I dreamed of a day like today. Within the past 24 hours, in a truly historic development, the South Korean government announced it will fully support the passage of legislation this year to finally ban the brutal dog meat industry by 2027.  

We initiated this campaign well over a decade ago. Since then, we’ve advanced a game-changing strategy in South Korea to shine a light on the cruel world of dog meat farming. We’ve brought Korean media to our dog meat farm closures to show the nation the grim reality of this hidden industry. Our public advocacy campaigns have encouraged consumers to understand that dogs on meat farms are just as deserving of love and compassion as their canine companions at home. And we’ve lobbied policy makers to make bold strides towards tackling this industry that sees upwards of one million dogs a year reared in squalid and deprived conditions to be killed for human consumption.