Testing on 36 beagles at a Michigan animal testing lab has ended. Following the release of an undercover investigation by the Humane Society of the United States last week, Dow AgroSciences (Corteva AgriScience) today announced that it has ended a one-year pesticide test on the dogs at Charles River Laboratories in Michigan.

We applaud Corteva for making the right decision by ending the test and urge them to work with us to get the dogs out of the laboratory and to our shelter and rescue partners so that they can be adopted into loving homes. The company has been a valuable partner to us in the past on important measures to decrease animal testing and we hope that we can work with them on a happy ending for these dogs.

This is a huge win for our Animal Research Issues campaign and for our investigations team, which worked hard to expose the cruelty dogs are subjected to in animal testing labs, as well as for our Humane Society International team, which mediated to get a waiver from Brazil for the Corteva pesticide test.

Today's victory would also not be possible without you, our followers. Thousands of you shared the blog and other HSUS communications on the investigation, and took action calling on Dow to release the beagles. Join us today as we celebrate this important win, for the beagles and for our global battle against animal testing.

Demand the immediate release of the 36 beagles