The new wave of philanthropy

Humane Generation cultivates mission-motivated, well-networked next generation leaders, forging a pathway to personal philanthropy and deeper engagement with the Humane Society of the United States. By placing value on community and high-touch interaction, these supporters agree to advocate for the organization and commit resources to advance the welfare of animals.

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Humane Generation committee members:

Georgina Bloomberg (Chair, Humane Generation

My kindred spirit is: My dog, Chopper. We are both on the smaller side, slightly oddly shaped, have dark hair and don’t like being touched by people we don’t know. We are sweet, but can be quick to bite on a whim, so watch out!

Why I support the HSUS: I believe strongly that the work the organization does on the ground and in Washington, DC is changing the world, making it a better place for animals and for future generations of people.

Kimberly Ovitz (Chair, Humane Generation)

My kindred spirit is: A lynx. The lynx has the sight to see into the soul of someone, to understand thoughts and intentions without a word being spoken.

Why I support the HSUS: Animal welfare is my greatest passion and purpose. I chose to align myself with the HSUS because they fight the big fights and have the largest reach. The legislative focus not only addresses the root causes of the inhumane problems we see, but also provides real solutions. I appreciate that the HSUS is not a polarizing organization and is inclusive of everyone, while remaining focused on the ultimate goal: all animals deserve compassion, respect and a life free from cruelty and neglect.

Lauren Ackerman

My kindred spirit is: A mama bear!

Why I support the HSUS: The HSUS is the leading voice for all animals, working tirelessly every day to create change and reform, to educate communities, rescue animals in crisis and lobby in Washington, DC. Every living creature deserves to be loved and this organization helps achieve that.       

Courtney Applebaum

My kindred spirit is: An owl.

Why I support the HSUS: I care about the environment, which is inextricably linked to animal welfare. I also believe that every living thing deserves to have a good life.

Tessa Benson Tooley 

My kindred spirit is: A wolf (how I see myself) or a pug (reality).

Why I support the HSUS: I support the HSUS because there is no greater organization in the world that protects the rights and laws for animals and helps stop horrible cruelty.

Lauren Brokaw

My kindred spirit is: Miniature poodle or lamb.

Why I support the HSUS: I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love animals... and I believe it’s our moral responsibility to protect them. The HSUS does outstanding work, achieving measurable impact for current and future generations. Since becoming involved with Humane Generation, I’ve broadened my knowledge of animal rights, including learning about legislation, disaster protocols and the protection of factory farmed animals. It’s exciting to explore these facets of the work and have candid, productive conversation with the accessible and kind community that makes up the organization.

Stephanie Riggio Bulger  

My kindred spirit is: My rescue mini donkey, Eleanor.

Why I support the HSUS: Animals have made my life better in every way, and future generations deserve to have the same magic in their lives. I hope through my involvement with the HSUS I can set an example of service and instill a sense of respect for all of Earth’s creatures.

Jessica de Ruiter

My kindred spirit is: An elephant.

Why I support the HSUS: The humane treatment and welfare of all animals has been of utmost importance to me since I was a child, always feeling an inclination to protect and speak out on their behalf. I adamantly admonish the use of fur and as a long-time vegan, take a strong stance against factory farming and its exploitive and destructive practices. I aspire to bring more awareness and create positive change through my membership with the HSUS in the hopes that one day animals everywhere will be treated with the compassion and respect they deserve.

Liz Dee 

My kindred spirit is: My dog, Sandy. We both love walking all over NYC, eating yummy plant-based food and naps.

Why I support the HSUS: I support the HSUS as part of my multi-pronged solutions-oriented approach to alleviate human and nonhuman animal suffering.

Ashley Demoff

My kindred spirit is: A Cavalier King Charles spaniel.

Why I support the HSUS: I admire the organization's direct commitment to the care of animals on all levels and want to be a part of inciting the change that will better the lives of those who don't have a voice to speak for themselves. I also want to help educate people on the small, everyday choices and actions that can create a safer and more ethical environment for animals.

Leslie Durso

My kindred spirit is: A giraffe.

Why I support the HSUS: I support the HSUS because I believe in a world where all inhabitants are treated with dignity, respect and kindness.

Molly Fahner Calhoun

My kindred spirit is: It's a toss-up between Officer Judy Hopps in Zootopia and Dory in Finding Nemo: I'm forgetful, but kind and endlessly optimistic.

Why I support the HSUS: The HSUS does amazing boots-on-the-ground work helping animals, they lobby for important legislation that changes animals lives for the better and they help the public further understand the profoundly positive impact that animals play in our lives.

Liz Friedland

My kindred spirit is: An elephant – I feel their empathy, playfulness and strength deep in my core. No doubt I was one in a past life. And daily, I try to live up to the legacy of my first dog, Lulu, who existed solely to bring love, joy and laughter to every human she met.

Why I support the HSUS: I’m drawn to the organization’s relentless commitment to advocating for animal rights, protecting animals from harm and alleviating animal suffering. I cannot comprehend how a human being could ever hurt any animal, and I feel a responsibility to be a voice for the voiceless, and to use my voice to educate, empower and inspire others to more conscious action. I firmly believe that once you know better, you do better, and through my involvement with the HSUS I aim to give others the awareness and tools to make different choices.

Kelly Grace

My kindred spirit is: A pampered house cat because I enjoy a solid self-care regimen: massages, baths and a good nap.

Why I support the HSUS: I stand by the HSUS' non-discriminatory mission, to end suffering for ALL animals. I appreciate that they focus on the root of animal abuse, like lobbying to pass local, state and federal laws to protect animals; helping encourage the biggest corporations to remove animals from their supply chain, whether in food, fashion or beauty; and effectively advocating for pet adoption. They are always there in crisis, too. The HSUS methodically shows up for animals of every kind, in every circumstance, and there is never an issue too large or too small.

Stella Keitel

My kindred spirit is: A wolf.

Why I support the HSUS: I am passionate about a future where the world is a humane place for all creatures.

Desiree Kohan

My kindred spirit is: It’s hard to pick just one! I would say a dolphin: happy and free.

Why I support the HSUS: I enjoy teaming up with the HSUS community and working alongside like-minded and hearted individuals who are deeply passionate about animal advocacy. The HSUS is a results-driven organization, which is positively and successfully changing outdated cruel ways; it’s an honor to be a small part of that change.

Dylan Lauren

My kindred spirit is: A bunny rabbit.

Why I support the HSUS: I love what the HSUS is helping to protect our beloved animals, ensuring they can have the happiest and safest lives possible.

Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart

My kindred spirit is: My kindred spirit is a sheep! Or maybe more like soul mate animal... I wish I were more like a sheep – calming and so full of love.

Why I support the HSUS: I support the HSUS because they care about ALL animals and have worked tirelessly to get so many major designers to go fur-free.

Minnie Mortimer Gaghan

My kindred spirit is: My rescue pup, Fuzzy. I aspire to express my emotions with his confidence.

Why I support the HSUS: No other organization fights harder on so many different fronts to end animal cruelty. The organization’s overarching dedication to implement positive change is both practical, passionate and, most importantly, effective.

Steve Read

My kindred spirit is: A bear. Bears teach us how to be balanced, no matter what life throws at us. They are wise, protective of the ones they love and harbor incredible strength during difficult times.

Why I support the HSUS: I have always been incredibly passionate about animals and believe in giving back to the community. It gives me great pride to do what I can through time and resources to help those that cannot help themselves. My rescue cats, Carl and Norman, are very happy about this.

Breanna Schultz 

My kindred spirit is: A dolphin.

Why I support the HSUS: No one fights the good fight through policy and legislation like they do!

Oren Segal    

My kindred spirit is: An elephant.

Why I support the HSUS: To support animal and environmental protection.

Nola Singer  

My kindred spirit is: A pug ... or a butterfly.

Why I support the HSUS: I love everything the organization does for animals, from fighting to protect their rights, ensuring humane conditions, preventing suffering and abuse, rescuing animals in need, conducting investigations and so much more. I am proud to support these efforts.

Hayden Slater   

My kindred spirit is: I’d say it was a tiger in my pre-teens, an elephant seal in my late teens, an orca whale in my 20s and now I’m feeling very connected to elephants.

Why I support the HSUS: I was definitely non-human animal in my past life...

Hilary Sloan  

My kindred spirit is: My dog, Ella Bean, is the most empathetic animal I've ever met and I aspire to be like her. Plus, she has excellent taste.

Why I support the HSUS: I became passionate about animal welfare when I learned about my first rescue, Ella Bean's, history of suffering at a puppy mill. I learned that the best way to stop puppy mill cruelty is by changing laws and educating consumers. The HSUS works to make that happen on a local, state and national level across all issues that impact animals. I'm proud of the legislative impact of the HSUS and of course, the incredible Animal Rescue Team who assist animals on the ground in emergency situations.

Courtney Stroum Meagher           

My kindred spirit is: An owl (Courtney Applebaum and I promise we did not coordinate answers!).

Why I support the HSUS: I believe in the interconnectedness of those we share the planet and its resources with. Viewing life through that lens can exponentially increase our capacity for compassion, respect and love, and I’m proud to support an organization whose mission aligns with that perspective.

Katie Sturino

My kindred spirit is: A dog!

Why I support the HSUS: I believe the organization has the ability to make real, lasting change in the animal welfare space. They put boots on the ground to rescue animals in need, and they also put boots on the ground in our capitol to make legislative change.

Fuschia Kate Sumner

My kindred spirit is: Sometimes a panther ... sometimes a monkey ... but mostly my own dog, Baci: sassy, silly and loves to cuddle.

Why I support the HSUS: Every living creature deserves a healthy, happy and humane life.

Nathan Turner

My kindred spirit is: A horse. My connection to those beauties runs very deep.

Why I support the HSUS: I believe in the work the organization does at every level, particularly federally, where they help to make the changes that matter most.