CERRILLOS, New Mexico —The Humane Society of the United States’ Forever Foundation program held a clinic earlier this month at the Horse Shelter in New Mexico for trainers and volunteers from around the country to learn how to safely and efficiently work with their horses and prepare them for adoption. The training brought in organizations from Oregon, Kansas and Arizona, along with several participants from New Mexico.

“These rescue facilities are making a difference in the lives of thousands of equines across the country,” says Cindy Gendron, senior director of sanctuary management for the Humane Society of the United States. “The purpose of the Forever Foundation is to help rescues place more equines into loving homes and inspire trainers, volunteers and adopters to improve their communication with horses. It is inspiring to see this goal shared within the rescue community and witness the training in action.”

The Forever Foundation training program blends virtual and live training to provide foundational skills, like leading, tying, trailer loading, preparing for farrier and veterinary work, to benefit both horses and humans. The program, in its ninth year, has helped thousands of horses find homes.

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To help equine rescues place more horses, the Forever Foundation provides trainers and volunteers with a video-based learning program and hands-on training to enable them to safely and efficiently work with their horses and prepare them for adoption. The program has proven to be one of the most effective equine adoption training initiatives in place, creating a reliable network of rescues across the country with consistent practices. The program has made a difference in the lives of tens of thousands of horses and the people who care for them. The Forever Foundation is available to every rescue in the United States.

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