The Humane Society of the United States is thrilled to announce that UCLA has committed to transition 50% of entrees served on campus to plant-based options by 2027. This goal will be supported by the HSUS’ Food Service Innovation team, which works with many of the largest food service management companies and institutions around the country to make menus more sustainable and plant-forward.

“We are delighted by UCLA’s continued dedication to the welfare of animals and the health of their students and our planet with this impressive goal,” said Kate Jarvis, senior outreach coordinator for food service innovation at the Humane Society of the United States. “Our team is eager to support their first-rate dining program in ensuring students are not only well fed but well educated on the significant and global impacts of their food choices.”

Consistently ranking as one of the top universities in the world for academics, research and community impact, UCLA has a long-standing commitment to prioritizing sustainability in all aspects of on-campus life. Their dining program already boasts a wide variety of delicious plant-based meals and has menus that inform students not only of important information on dietary and allergy restrictions but also of a meal’s carbon footprint. The highly popular dining hall Bruin Plate has been a space dedicated to serving fresh, wholesome and plant-forward options since 2013, and there are plans to open a new plant-based restaurant outlet as part of the campus’s residential dining program in the next two years.

“This alliance is poised to create a lasting influence on the cultural landscape at UCLA. By working closely with the Humane Society of the United States, we will be able to push our shared vision forward,” said UCLA senior executive chef Joey Martin. “Together, we aim to explore innovative ways to enrich the dining experience for our students, focusing on elevating the appeal of our plant-based dishes to create that 'wow' factor.”

UCLA’s dining team also encourages feedback from their undergraduate customers, tapping student groups like the Animal Welfare Alliance and Lives Without Knives (which recently hosted UCLA’s inaugural VegFest featuring over a dozen plant-based vendors and local organizations) to survey their classmates on what cuisines and options are desired.

“This commitment is a huge step towards aligning our university with its values of sustainability, diversity, and compassion,” said UCLA student Parker Do. “I’m looking forward to the introduction of globally inspired plant-based dishes that are naturally free from animal products, for the massive impact on the environment and lives of animals, and more progress to come.”

By building out their plant-based menu offerings and reducing the amount of animal products served, UCLA will save animals while spending less on ingredients and reducing the greenhouse gases emitted from their dining operations. The team at the HSUS is eager to support their world-class program in creating a menu that is as diverse and globally representative as their student body and look forward to seeing other institutions follow suit in California and beyond.

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