Minnie and Grandson

Sonia and Minnie

Sonia has three cats—Minnie, Grisi and Megara—and Pets for Life in Los Angeles has provided spay/neuter and vaccinations to them all. So when Minnie started having trouble breathing, Sonia knew she could reach out to PFL for support. Minnie was diagnosed with asthma, and PFL provided the medication that has made a huge difference in her health, giving Sonia peace of mind.

“I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for all the help you’ve given my Minnie,” says Sonia, whose grandson is best friends with her sweet feline companion. With your support, we are making sure they all enjoy many more years together.

Diesel the dog and Christa

Christa and Diesel

Before meeting our Pets for Life team, Christa struggled to access the veterinary care Diesel needed and she desperately wanted to provide. At one point, she reached out to a local group that said they would treat Diesel but only if Christa surrendered him. She agonized over the decision and, because she loves Diesel so much, ultimately chose to surrender. Thank goodness that's when she met the PFL team in Philadelphia. PFL provided Diesel’s medical care at no cost to Christa and stayed by their side when she later lost her home, providing pet food, supplies and ongoing veterinary care. Now that Christa and Diesel are back in a home, we will continue to provide support so they can stay together—where they belong.

Janis and Freeda

Janis and Freeda

Janis and her dog, Freeda, have received a variety of services such as grooming and vaccinations through Pets for Life’s mentorship partner Better Together Alliance in Ponderay, Idaho. The team that runs Better Together Animal Alliance’s PFL program first met Janis in 2021, when she had a senior chihuahua named Baby. Over the next year, the team helped address Baby’s eye and ear issues and provided a variety of pet supplies. Early in 2022, Baby sadly developed an inoperable tumor. PFL provided palliative care and eventually end-of-life services for Baby, as well support for Janis. Losing Baby makes Freeda an even more essential part of Janis’ life. "It takes a community sometimes,” Janis says. “I am so grateful for Pets for Life. I don't know what I'd do without them." PFL is proud to be part of ensuring these two are happy and healthy together for years to come.

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Man with his dog Snowman going for a walk outside

Robert and Snowman

Robert reached out to the Pets for Life team at Wisconsin Humane Society seeking resources for his beloved dog, Snowman, who was experiencing some skin issues. Robert has limited income due to a visual impairment and feared that he may need to give up his best friend—the thought of which was devastating. “I was having trouble due to my disability, and I didn’t know what else to do,” Robert says. “This was my last resort.” He was thrilled to learn that PFL would treat Snowman’s skin condition at no cost and was overjoyed when his loyal companion returned home after his veterinary visit. “You guys helped so much, and now I’m going to pick up where you left off making sure Snowman knows how much I love him.”