We are advocates for system-wide and long-term impact, working strategically to improve the lives of animals.

We go big. We take on the toughest, most institutionalized cruelties. We rescue and care for animals in crisis. We strengthen the capabilities of our teammates and allies so that our impact is amplified. We work globally and locally, and in all of our work, we seek enduring solutions. Rather than focusing on symptoms, we address root causes and build capabilities to drive lasting change.


We lead with passion, perseverance and optimism, knowing that we are making meaningful change.

Part of driving big change is facing big challenges. Sometimes, stakeholders don’t agree with us, something doesn’t go according to plan, and we don’t get the outcome we hoped for. When we face these challenges, we don’t give up. We pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off. We adapt our plan and figure out how to keep moving forward. We never lose sight of a better world for animals.


We believe in our mutual commitment to the mission, we act as each other’s allies and we help each other reach our full potential.

We work with great people who are talented and committed to our mission, and we engage with each other knowing that we’re all here to do our best work. We cultivate our capacity to teach and learn from colleagues, partners and adversaries, remaining open and creating space for different views. We help each other and our work reach full potential through thoughtful feedback and personal accountability.


We invite, welcome and amplify diverse voices within our family of organizations and in the communities with which we work.

We welcome people interested in our work for animals, and reach out to those who may not raise their hands to participate. We work to create space for those whose voices may not otherwise be heard, and make decisions that incorporate the feedback of those most impacted. Advancing diversity and inclusion is not only the right thing to do, it makes for better decision-making and greater impact for animals.

One team

We work together, raising each other up and combining our unique skills and perspectives to become stronger together than we are apart.

We all bring unique skills, expertise and perspectives that help us achieve our mission. None of us will be able to achieve our mission alone. Our work for animals is at its best when we bring in people of different skills, perspectives, geographies and backgrounds to shape our plans to solve problems. We seek the approach that best advances our shared mission.