For good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency are hereby acknowledged, I hereby grant the Humane Society of the United States and its affiliates (“HSUS”), and anyone acting with HSUS’s permission or authority, the right to use my name, information about me, and photographs incorporating my image (and/or that of my animals) for any purpose whatsoever without further compensation to me.

I agree that such uses may include (without limitation) news articles, advertisements, and other educational, advocacy, and fundraising materials on television, on the Internet, in emails, or in any written or digital medium now known or later developed. I agree that HSUS does not have to notify me prior to any such use, and I hereby waive any rights of privacy and/or publicity I may have in connection with any such use.

I am the sole owner of the copyright of all materials produced by me and submitted to this campaign (hereinafter “Works”). I hereby grant to The HSUS the non-exclusive right to print, publish, distribute, and sublicense Works or any part thereof, throughout the world, in printed form and by any kind of electronic, digital, or mechanical or any other method or device of reproduction, publication, and distribution known or later developed throughout the term of my copyright of the Works.