We support stores that don't support cruel puppy mills.

By offering puppies for adoption from nearby shelters or moving to a supplies-only model, stores can save the lives of animals in need of a loving home and save breeding dogs trapped in puppy mills. The humane model can also bring in new customers and attract positive media attention for the store. Many dog lovers prefer to buy supplies and get a puppy from a puppy-friendly pet store.

We've made finding a puppy-friendly pet store near you easier than ever! Simply text "PUPPY" to 77879 (message and data rates apply).

Pet stores are part of the solution

We can guide your store through this process free of charge, assisting with information and often recommending reputable placement partners.

Pennsylvania state senator Daylin Leach and his family meet an adoptable pooch at the grand re-opening of Pets Plus in Conshohocken, Penn.
Pennsylvania state senator Daylin Leach and his family meet an adoptable pooch at the grand re-opening of Pets Plus in Conshohocken, Penn.
Melissa Gallagher

Possible benefits

  • Increased name recognition for your store.
  • Consumer loyalty, financial support, word-of-mouth outreach and repeat visitors.
  • Stronger community ties thanks to your partnership with local animal shelters.
  • A free listing for your store on our puppy-friendly pet store list and in other media.
  • A free listing through our phone texting application so shoppers can find you from anywhere.

Ways we might help you

  • Free, customized guidance throughout the entire process.
  • Answers to your questions about the benefits of providing adoptable animals at your store.
  • Advice from other store owners who have already converted to a more humane model.
  • Help finding animal shelters to partner with in your area.
  • Publicity for your conversion via a grand re-opening, including media advisories, social media posts, a ribbon-cutting ceremony, free T-shirts, raffles and other giveaways, invitations to local celebrities, follow-ups to track progress and more!

Ready to become a puppy-friendly pet store? Pledge to stop puppy mills and email us to get started!

What puppy-friendly pet store owners say:

"I switched over to what I call the 'humane model'—animal adoption instead of animal sales. [...] Most of these shelters that I go pick up dogs from, they are putting down anywhere from 50 to 70 dogs a day. So this is one way to stop that from happening."
—Rene Karapedian, Pet Rush, Los Angeles, California

"I have found that there is no way for me to sell puppies from my retail establishment that does not contribute to the suffering of both the parent dogs and the puppies bred from them. Reputable breeders with high standards of care do not sell their puppies to ANY pet stores for resale."
Amy Cirincione, Feed Bag Pet Store, Cutchogue, New York

"With millions of dogs and cats being euthanized each year due to a lack of homes, I realized that this decision was the right thing to do for the animals and for our community in addressing the pet overpopulation problem."
Joe Seneshale, Joe's PET DEPOT in Gillette and Rock Springs, Wyoming

What consumers can do

Encourage local pet stores to become puppy-friendly

  • Contact us with your name, phone number, city and state. We can send instructions and a copy of the invitation and pledge or you can download and print them.

Download the Invitation

Download the Pledge

  • Visit local pet stores to explain the benefits of the program and invite them to sign.
  • Return the signed pledge to our Stop Puppy Mills campaign and we will do the rest!

Find a puppy-friendly pet store near you

Text "PUPPY" to 77879 to see puppy-friendly stores near you (message and data rates apply) or search our state list.