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Take extra precautions to be sure you and your loved ones—pets included—can evacuate safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Portrait of Michael and his cat Bosley

To be honest, I really wanted a dog. The year was 2002. I perpetually owed $10.50 in late fees to Blockbuster Video. Text messaging was just starting to take off. And the very first American Idol winner—a woman by the name of Kelly Clarkson—was on top of the music charts with her song, “A Moment...

by Michael Sharp
Man visits with some neighborhood kitties.

“There's another house burning,” Kristen Huston says, steering her white sedan, its trunk loaded with pet supplies, into one of the neighborhoods where her organization, All About Animals Rescue, does outreach. “Do you smell it?” In the back seat, HSUS staffers Jason Schipkowski and Ashley Mutch...

M. Carrie Allan
Kid and his cat at Pets for Life event

On the concrete front porch of this rundown row house, along a narrow street in a rough neighborhood named Hunting Park, eight men sit outside drinking one October afternoon. Two pit bulls and a small dog lie at their feet; the adjoining house next door has boards across its first-floor windows...

Michael Sharp

What should I do to keep my pets safe during disasters? What can the HSUS do to help? Where do the animals go when you transport them out of these communities? Do you transport missing pets out of the disaster impact region? How can I support the HSUS’s work to help animals impacted by the tornadoes...