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The Problem of Unlicensed Puppy Mills


Did you buy a puppy who became sick? Did you buy a puppy you believe may have come from a puppy mill?

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They walk dogs and contact their legislators. They clean cages and call constituents and monitor our wildlife land trust properties. They enter data collected during busy vet clinics and they collect signatures that will help get new laws on the books. Their tasks and time commitments are different...

Kelly L. Williams

Our undercover investigations, exposés and in-depth reports expose what really goes on behind the scenes at pet stores and puppy mills, and the industries that support them. Midwest Puppy Mills and Pet Store Connections | 2020 [PDF] Puppy Mills and Animal Welfare Act | 2020 [PDF] Undercover at...


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie sided with puppy mill interests and conditionally vetoed a broadly supported measure to protect dogs and consumers from reckless and inhumane puppy mills.

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Under a decision from the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, pet stores in Chicago are still prohibited from selling puppies sourced from large-scale commercial breeders, also known as puppy mills. Chicago pet stores and a Missouri-based commercial breeder challenged the ordinance, which a federal...

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The Humane Society of the United States has released the results of its three-month-long investigation into Purebred Breeders LLC, thought to be the nation's largest online seller of puppies. The investigation was featured on NBC's Today this morning and highlighted the connection between Purebred...

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A squirrel on a fence on a beautiful day

When you filled out our All Animals reader survey last year, many of you had the same question: Beyond making donations, how can I help animals in my day-to-day life? We’ve got good news! There are plenty of easy ways you and your family can help from home, both by making small lifestyle adjustments...

By Kelly L. Williams

In a pack, dogs have many ways to show the leader that they accept their role as top dog and thus avoid a confrontation. One way is to roll on their backs and urinate on themselves. Submissive urination is common and normal in puppies, who will usually outgrow the behavior. But some puppies remain...


Because beauty should be kind.

Big Fight
Dogs in filthy conditions at a dog meat farm in South Korea

When the U.S.-based rescuers from Humane Society International touched down in Seoul in mid-October, they faced the usual jet lag. But rather than tackle it by jumping head-first into their work—shutting down their 17th South Korean dog meat farm—they went straight to a hotel … and straight into...

By Emily Hamlin Smith