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Grey cat surrounded by cleaning products

Millions of people are at home now in the midst of a pandemic, disinfecting and cleaning, taking cold and flu medications—with the potential they might unwittingly poison their pets. The cleaning products consumers have carried home from stores, stripping shelves bare, can kill the virus that causes...

a small bird eats seeds from a hanging bird feeder

Of all the surprising twists and turns my venture into the world of wildlife gardening has taken, the one that stands out most is the day I learned about the dark side of my favorite symbol of hope and summer: the sunflower. It was in the early 2000s and the fledgling gardens at my new home were...


Follow these tips to keep animals safe and comfortable in the cold.

Einstein the marmoset in a tree

“Marmoset chauffeur” isn’t listed in Christine Coughlin’s job description as HSUS Minnesota state director, but that’s what she (temporarily) became in November. Coughlin and St. Paul animal control supervisor Molly Lunaris drove a 4-year-old marmoset named Einstein on the first leg of the tiny...

Illustration of a busy family home with a relaxed cat in the foreground

No bills, no responsibilities, endless hours spent batting toys beneath the furniture, napping in soft sherpa beds and watching birds flit around the feeder outside the living room window. From a human perspective, the life of a pampered house cat looks pretty sweet. So it can be startling to learn...

Photo of HSUS president and CEO Kitty Block petting a cat in an alleged neglect situation in Muncie, Indiana.

In October 2021, the Humane Society of the United States arrived in Muncie, Indiana to assist local police in rescuing of dozens of cats from an alleged severe neglect situation. Video producer Thom Stromer joined the HSUS Animal Rescue Team to assist with the rescue and document the scene and the...

Cat walking on tree limb within a safe catio enclosure

Every now and then, on nice days, Krista Rakovan would let her cats onto the back deck for some supervised sunbathing. She watched how much Julius, Ginger and Kobe loved lying in the sun—the only time they were permitted outside—and she thought about how she could add more variety to their lives. “I...

By Catherine Hess
Illustration of a factory farm with man herding pigs into a truck, pollution and a family nearby

Imagine a chicken. Picture her downy white feathers and small, intense eyes. Maybe she’s sitting on a nest, softly clucking. Perhaps she’s scratching in the dirt, a quaint red barn in silhouette behind her. Cows graze contentedly nearby; a pig snuffles in the mud. It’s an idyllic vision, familiar...

Illustrations by Rachel Stern

We fight the big fights to end suffering for all animals and, with your help, we'll achieve the vision behind our name: a humane society.

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WARNING: This page contains graphic content. What are wildlife killing contests? While contests like dogfighting and cockfighting have been condemned in the U.S. as barbaric and cruel, wildlife killing contests still happen regularly in almost all of the 42 U.S. states they are legal in. Killing...