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Welcome to Black Beauty Ranch! In this special issue of All Animals, we’re inviting you into our flagship sanctuary in Murchison, Texas. You’ll get an inside look at how caregivers, administrators and facilities staff keep 1,400 acres running smoothly, as well as learn how your donations gave these animals a place to call home after being rescued from cruelty cases, “retired” from biomedical testing, kept in roadside zoos and more.

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Create a haven for wildlife.

A humane backyard is a natural habitat offering wildlife plenty of food, water and cover, plus a safe place to live free from pesticides, chemicals, free-roaming pets, inhumane practices and other threats. And it's so easy to build!

humane backyard with a bench and birdbath
Meredith Lee / The HSUS
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Two otters floating on their backs in the water.
Leslie Nuttman