Dolphins are highly intelligent and social marine mammals.

Sadly, their popularity in the entertainment and tourism industries has made them a target for cruel drive hunts in a number of countries, where they are rounded up by fishermen. A select few are shipped off to aquariums and other aquatic entertainment parks around the world; others are brutally stabbed to death so their meat can be sold as a delicacy.

Hawaiian spinner dolphin calf in the ocean
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Dolphins belong in the sea.

In the wild, dolphins can travel up to 80 miles a day at speeds of almost 20 miles per hour. Life in a tank causes stress and neurotic behaviors, such as swimming in endless circles.

Dolphins being captured for entertainment or meat
Did you know?

The family bonds between dolphins can last an entire lifetime.

dolphins performing unnaturally in captivity

SeaWorld plans to end the breeding of killer whales at its facilities and will not have orcas in any new parks opened around the world. Help spread this momentous change to other aquatic parks by not attending dolphin, whale or other marine mammal shows.

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