Ferrets are playful, curious carnivores who have become popular pets.

In the wild, ferrets live in prairie habitats and eat small mammals like prairie dogs who are often killed or poisoned by humans, disturbing the natural food web. In captivity, ferrets are used in biomedical research and are also popular—albeit high maintenance—pets.

Two kids play with white pet ferrets
Ferrets should live free from human interference in their undisturbed native habitats.

Protecting keystone prairie dog habitats and populations is critical to preserving the animals—like ferrets—who rely on them. Adopting, rather than purchasing, ferrets prevents them from being bred for sale.

Scared ferret held by fur farmer
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Did you know?

Fiercely territorial ferrets love to hide food and special objects, often maintaining a secret treasure trove.

Scared yellow dog left out in the rain and mud

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Kathy Milani / The HSUS