From butterflies to beetles, moths to mosquitoes, insects are a diverse bunch—and they’re crucial to keeping ecosystems healthy.

Insects are all around us! Scientists estimate there are more than 1 million insect species (and more than 10 quintillion individual insects) worldwide, all arthropods characterized by their segmented bodies and exoskeletons. Not only are they some of the world’s most prolific pollinators, but insects also help organic matter decompose, keeping soil healthy. Many species serve as crucial food sources for bats, birds and other wildlife.

Ladybug sitting on a leaf stem
Insects need our help too!

You’ve probably heard that some bee populations are declining, but plenty of other insects suffer from lawn chemicals and pesticides—and our ecosystems are just as reliant on them. Skip the pesticides and make your garden a haven for even the smallest wild creatures by incorporating a variety of native flowers, shrubs and trees.

Butterflies on wildflowers
Did you know?

One square yard of rich soil can contain between 500 and 2,000 individual insects.

Two deer in a field

Every day, more and more wildlife habitats are lost to the spread of development. Your gift can help create more humane backyards to protect all animals. 

John Harrison