Manatees are large, gentle marine mammals who eat only aquatic plants.

Sadly, manatees are threatened by humans: Their slow-moving nature means they’re frequently hit and killed by boats; their docile temperament means they have no defense against being harassed by tourists; and climate change, pollution and habitat destruction have impacted the growth of the aquatic plants they eat, causing hundreds to starve. All three species (West Indian manatee, Amazonian manatee and West African manatee) are endangered or threatened.

Manatees in the ocean next to a boat
Manatees deserve long, peaceful lives.

Unlike many wild mammals, manatees reproduce slowly, carrying a calf for 12-14 months and caring for them for around two years. Without human interference, manatees can live to roughly 60 years old.

Manatee in the ocean
Andrew Pearson
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Did you know?

Over centuries, manatees have been known as “sea cows” or even mistaken for mermaids. Christopher Columbus described manatees as “mermaids” in a written account from 1493.

dolphins performing unnaturally in captivity

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