Tigers are the largest cat species, with striped coat patterns as unique as fingerprints.

Native to much of Asia, wild tigers once roamed territories as large as 39 square miles, but due to poaching and loss of habitat, the wild tiger population has dwindled from around 100,000 to around 3,000 worldwide. Captive tigers suffer from neglect and abuse in private menageries, roadside zoos and circuses.

Tiger playing in area at care center
JP Bonnelly
Tigers belong in the wild, free from the threat of poaching.

The myth that tiger parts can cure various ailments fuels poaching and black-market trade across the predator’s native Asia. Private menageries and roadside zoos subject tigers to cramped, barren housing, inadequate diets and little stimulation or enrichment. Circuses and tourist traps that offer big cat cubs as photo props often whip, beat or drug the cats to force compliance.

Sad tiger in circus cage
Did you know?

Tigers enjoy bathing and will often take a dip in ponds, lakes and rivers.

Tiger at Black Beauty Ranch.

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