A world-renowned animal sanctuary

With over 1,400 acres, Black Beauty Ranch is home to nearly 650 domestic and exotic animals, many of whom have been rescued from near-death situations.

A zebra stands on a field of yellow flowers
Jean-Paul Bonnelly
For the HSUS
A pig eats grass in an animal sanctuary
Meredith Lee

The ranch was founded in 1979 in Murchison, Texas, by author and animal advocate Cleveland Amory. Its residents were saved from research laboratories, law enforcement seizures and cruelty cases. Others have been rescued from roadside zoos or were former victims of the exotic pet trade. Still others came from public lands where they were threatened with extermination by the federal government. Bison and cattle, horses and burros, antelope and apes, reptiles and tigers: All have permanent, safe homes at the ranch.

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Accretitations from three organizations: BCA, GFAS, and NAPSA
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Tumeric, a brown goat who lives at Black Beauty Ranch, looks up at the camera playfully

Gain valuable hands-on animal care experience, knowledge about a variety of species and exposure to the operations of an animal care center.

Russel the bear enjoys his pool at Black Beauty Ranch

Contribute in a wide variety of ways, from administrative work and coordinating special events to grooming, building enrichment toys and maintaining the grounds.

Willy, a Pig Tail Macaque, looks stoically at the camera from his large enclosure at Black Beauty Ranch

Please call 903-469-3811 (ext. 112) for dates, times and to reserve your tour.