When they learned there was a way out of raising puppies for sale and slaughter, two business owners in Viet Nam seized the opportunity.  

For seven years, Phạm Dũng ran a puppy-fattening farm that supplied local dog meat slaughterhouses and restaurants, and it took a toll on his mind and heart. Citing the immense animal suffering caused by the dog and cat meat trade, he told our team that he is looking forward to putting this way of life behind him to grow crops instead. “Harvesting beansprouts and sweet potatoes will be a lot more peaceful than fattening puppies for slaughter, and a lot better for my mental health knowing I’m not causing any suffering.” Because he contacted our team in Viet Nam to help him transition his business to a kinder livelihood, he will no longer be complicit in the trade that kills 5 million dogs and 1 million cats each year for meat in Viet Nam.