In advance of the holiday season—the busiest puppy-buying time of the year—the Humane Society of the United States is cautioning consumers against purchasing a puppy from a pet store and unknowingly supporting the puppy mill industry. To better serve the high number of Spanish-speakers, the HSUS is distributing materials in Spanish for the first time this year as well as in English to consumers in the Miami area to educate them on the puppy-mill-to-pet-store-pipeline. Miami-Dade County has the highest concentration of puppy-selling pet stores in the country, with about 28 stores, making it the dream destination for puppy mills to send their animals to.

John Goodwin, senior director of the Stop Puppy Mills Campaign, says: “Too often, puppy buyers only contact us after they have purchased a puppy and then realized within days that the puppy is sick or dying. Not only are they left with high vet bills, but they’re also often duped into signing on to high-interest loans to finance their new $3,000 pet. Consumers who want a puppy from a humane source should consider adopting from an animal shelter or reputable pet rescue first, or go only to a small, responsible breeder they have met in person.”


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