We fight the big fights to end suffering for all animals.

Working together, the Humane Society of the United States and our global affiliate, Humane Society International, are the world’s most effective animal protection organizations. Our dedicated members support us because they know we take on the biggest fights wherever we find them. We pass laws banning cruel practices, expose institutional cruelties and work with our affiliates to care for animals in crisis. And we’re educating our millions of supporters on how to make humane, compassionate choices every day. Join us!

Animals matter

People love and are passionate about all animals. Aligning your organization with the HSUS and HSI can help you tap into this powerful cause! Check out some of our corporate partners.

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Own a pet—that’s about 90.5 million households!

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In America; when it comes to charitable giving, animal welfare ranks highly year after year!

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Will buy a product that aligns with their values.

Please review the following partnership opportunities to ensure the best option for your business:

Interested in partnering with us?

Please review all partnership opportunities to ensure the best option for your business, then fill out a partnership inquiry form.

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Trademark licensing

Please note that you may not use our trademarks on your product or marketing material without our express written consent. If you wish to use our trademarks, a Trademark License Agreement is required.

Commercial co-venture

If your company wishes to do any of the following, it would qualify as a cause-related marketing partnership:

  • Communicate that specific dollars or percentage of your proceeds will be given to the HSUS/HSI.
  • Market your intentions to give to the HSUS/HSI to incentivize a purchase.
  • Communicate that a purchase will benefit a specific program of our work.

At this time, because we have a limited capacity to facilitate these types of partnerships, cause-marketing partners must commit to a minimum of a $25,000 annual donation. Please note that you may not make any statement about donating a portion of the proceeds without our express written consent. New and small businesses and authors should consider direct donations.

All charitable sales promotions are state regulated in order to protect consumers and charities. They require a signed cause-marketing agreement between the nonprofit and the company.

Learn More

We encourage you to do your own research, as well as review information from the Better Business Bureau.

Portion of proceeds

If you plan on donating a portion of proceeds from the sale of your product(s), please take a look at the BBB’s Wise Giving Alliance Standards, as there are parameters in which the business/charity should work within. Please review these requirements before filling out a partnership inquiry form.

Point-of-sale round-up

Please indicate if you plan to offer a give at check-out incentive or donation round-up on the partnership inquiry form.

Proud supporter

Please indicate if you want to mention that you are a proud supporter of the HSUS/HSI’s animal welfare work on the partnership inquiry form.

In-kind giving (gifts of products and services)

Our Animal Rescue Team has a hefty list of supply needs that varies based on the deployment. We welcome donations of:

  • Crates (airline and metal)
  • Beds
  • Slip leads
  • Food (dry/wet, all life stages)
  • Treats (SM-XL)
  • Medical and preventative
  • Enrichment and comfort items
  • Toys

Nearly all of our events are in need of in-kind gifts for guests and attendees. Our events are a great way to get your products into the hands of our passionate and influential supporters. Our events are looking for donations of quality vegan and sustainable items such as food, beauty products, pet supplies and more! For more information, please contact us.

Please indicate if you have products to donate on the partnership inquiry form.

Books and music

If an author or artist has a firm contract with a publisher or studio, we will consider reviewing or otherwise highlighting a work that is aligned with our mission and of interest to our audience. We are not able to accommodate all requests due to space limitations in our publications and other communications. If you would like to submit a book or other work for our consideration, please email us or send a copy to:

The Humane Society of the United States
Book Submissions
1255 23rd Street, NW, Suite 450
Washington, DC 20037

We are not able to accommodate requests for promotion tied to contributions of specified proceeds because of legal and other fundraising compliance requirements. Nevertheless, we greatly appreciate your desire to support our work, and if you are interested in donating to us in conjunction with your project, the following text is acceptable: “The author supports the work of the Humane Society of the United States.”

Event sponsorship

We host a variety of events throughout the U.S. to share our mission and impact with new and longtime supporters. Sponsorship of an HSUS/HSI event helps underwrite the costs of the events so that all of the funds raised can go directly to our work. When you sponsor an event, your company will be affiliated with the leader in the fight for all animals. It’s an exciting way to connect with new and current customers in their daily lives and demonstrate your commitment to animal welfare!

Questions about event sponsorship? Contact us. 

Workplace giving

According to surveys, 86% of employees expect opportunities to become involved in charitable activities such as workplace giving. Employees who don’t take advantage of these programs say they don’t give because the causes they care about aren’t offered as a choice. Productivity increased by up to 13% when people are able to support the causes they care about. 

Support our work for animals through your Workplace Giving Program.

Matching gifts

65% of Fortune 500 Companies will provide a corporate match to an employee’s donation. Learn more about matching gifts.

Direct donations

A direct donation to the HSUS/HSI’s most urgent needs is a simple and impactful way for both small and large companies to get involved in the fight for all animals. 

Gifts may be made online or checks may be mailed to:

The Humane Society of the United States
Humane Society International
c/o Dept. BDCR
1255 23rd St. NW, Suite 450
Washington, DC 20037


We offer a couple ways to reach our incredible community through advertising:

  • For those looking to reach our supporters, we offer print advertising space in All Animals, our award-winning magazine packed with stories about how we are changing the world for animals. All Animals has a circulation of 550,000 homes. 
  • For those looking to reach our vast network of animal welfare professionals, we offer digital advertising space on HumanePro, our comprehensive online resource for people working or volunteering for rescue groups, animal shelters, animal care and control agencies, veterinary clinics and trap-neuter-return programs. HumanePro receives over 100,000 average monthly pageviews. 


Join us at Animal Care Expo, the leading international training conference and trade show for the animal welfare field. With an expected attendance of over 2,500 professionals and volunteers in 2024, this event offers a unique opportunity for exhibitors and sponsors to connect with a passionate audience. It's your chance to access valuable professional development, network with peers and showcase your products or services. Learn more about how to become an exhibitor and make a meaningful impact in the animal welfare community.

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