Set up a scavenger hunt

Hide some treats in sneaky spots around the house and let your dog use their strong sense of smell to find them.

Rotate their toys

If you spoil your pet with a mountain of toys, some of the selection is surely forgotten during daily playtime—refresh their collection by choosing three or four “new” toys and put the rest away. Do this every so often to keep your pet excited and playful; plus it’s a good reminder to clean up the clutter! If your pet has a favorite toy they turn to for comfort, be sure to leave that one out at all times.

Solve puzzles

Puzzle toys are a great way to stimulate your pet’s mind and keep them busy while you get work done. There are lots of great puzzle toys available to purchase or you can make your own!


Training is a great way to not only build skills and stimulate your dog mentally, but it’s also one of the best ways to bond with them. You can even take a virtual six-week obedience class with your pup.

  • Teach your pet a new trick. Impress your family and friends by teaching your pet to roll over, stand on their hind legs or shake hands, er, paws.
  • Work on leash training. This doesn’t just go for dog owners—did you know cats can learn to walk on a leash too? Learn how.

Play games

  • Fetch can be fun both outside and in; just make sure you use soft toys inside to avoid damaging anything!
  • Tug-of-war doubles as an exercise for both you and your dog.
  • Hide-and-seek: If your dog finds you, reward them with belly rubs, a treat or a favorite toy.


Kids and pets can enjoy reading together! Studies have shown that reading to pets may help keep them calm and less anxious. Encourage your child to read their favorite book to your pet.

Neighborhood watch

Set up a window perch for your pet to see what’s going on outside: a comfy blanket or bed on a windowsill for your favorite feline or a chair or bench by the window for your canine companion.

  • Place a bird feeder outside for your pet to watch their wildlife neighbors enjoy snack time. (Bonus points if this entertains you too!)
  • If you’re a cat owner and feeling extra crafty, consider building a catio.


Keep the boredom at bay by getting creative. Try …

  • Obstacle courses.
  • Box forts. (What cat doesn’t love a good cardboard box?)
  • Toys, treats and more! Search ideas on Pinterest.

Have a heart-to-heart

Talk to your pet! Don’t worry, we all do it; they're the best listeners.

Spread the love …

Get your friend a friend! Consider fostering or adopting another pet to keep yours company for when they have to be home alone.

… and share it, too

Lastly, join everyone you know (and everyone you don’t) in plastering your pets across social media for all to enjoy their adorable faces!