The Emergency Animal Relief Fund is a continuing, dedicated fund that enables the Humane Society of the United States to help animals impacted by natural disasters or otherwise in need of urgent rescue. The fund, previously called the Emergency Animal Rescue Fund, supports our rescue and relief efforts for past, present and future emergencies such as hurricanes, floods, wildfires, earthquakes, animal fighting cases, large-scale cruelty situations and puppy mills.

Emergency preparation and response-related activities that donations support include:

  • Rescuing, caring for and providing temporary shelter to animals in need.
  • Renting and outfitting temporary animal-sheltering facilities.
  • Purchasing, renting and outfitting rescue vehicles, including trucks and boats.
  • Providing long-term care for rescued animals and transporting them to placement partners.
  • Helping lost and displaced animals reunite with their families.
  • Hiring emergency response staff and training staff and volunteer responders.
  • Helping shelters and other animal protection facilities impacted by natural disasters and other emergencies.
  • Educating the public about the importance of taking pets with them during disaster evacuations and planning for those evacuations.
  • Assisting private humane organizations and federal, state and local officials in preparing for and responding to natural disasters and other emergencies that affect companion animals, farm animals and wildlife.
  • Increasing the infrastructure and capacity of the HSUS’s emergency response efforts through fundraising, education and awareness raising.

Our priority is always to use donations in the most effective and efficient way possible so that we are always ready to help animals in times of emergency.

Emergency Animal Relief Fund

We never know where disasters will strike or when animals may be in need of urgent rescue, but we know we must be ready. Your support makes this lifesaving work possible.


Cat rescued during Hurricane Florence response
Meredith Lee / The HSUS