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Illustration of a factory farm with man herding pigs into a truck, pollution and a family nearby

Imagine a chicken. Picture her downy white feathers and small, intense eyes. Maybe she’s sitting on a nest, softly clucking. Perhaps she’s scratching in the dirt, a quaint red barn in silhouette behind her. Cows graze contentedly nearby; a pig snuffles in the mud. It’s an idyllic vision, familiar...

Illustrations by Rachel Stern

Plant-based eating, such as vegan and vegetarian diets, benefits people, animals and the planet.


Large-scale animal agribusiness causes widespread suffering, but the consequences don’t end there. Here are even more reasons to reduce or eliminate animal products from our diets: Greenhouse gas explosion Many aspects of the meat, egg and dairy industries—not just the raising of animals, but feed...


The Humane Society of the United States has released its Protein Sustainability Scorecard, taking a close look at the food service industry in the U.S. and progress toward offering climate-friendly, plant-based foods. To meet client demand and public sentiment, virtually every major food service...

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