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Whether you’re a history buff interested in presidential pets or a bird lover curious about how to really feed the birds, this issue of All Animals has something for everyone. We take you from the steps of the Supreme Court to a pangolin rescue operation in South Africa, plus plenty more places in between. And if you’re planning summer travel, you’re not going to want to miss our piece on how to safely and respectfully view wildlife.

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Create a haven for wildlife.

A humane backyard is a natural habitat offering wildlife plenty of food, water and cover, plus a safe place to live free from pesticides, chemicals, free-roaming pets, inhumane practices and other threats. And it's so easy to build!

humane backyard with a bench and birdbath
Meredith Lee / The HSUS
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Barred owl sitting on a maple tree with a crawfish in its mouth.
During a May visit to Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge in North Carolina, I spotted this barred owl sitting on a maple tree. The bird kept glancing at the shallow canal below and eventually swooped down and grabbed a crawfish from the water. I had only a few seconds to take the picture before the owl swallowed the crawfish. I don’t often have the opportunity to photograph barred owls, particularly in good light. A crawfish hanging from the bird’s beak was a real plus. A little while later, the owl caught another crawfish and went back to the maple tree to enjoy the meal. Gordon Kilgore, Georgia | Featured in the Fall 2023 issue