We're standing against the most egregious abuses of wildlife.

From the trophy hunting of mountain lions to using live doves as target practice, wild animals big and small unfortunately find themselves in the crosshairs of those who kill for sport. Together, we can end the worst abuses in hunting and maintain longstanding protections for animals where they already exist.

black bear in tree
Bear hounding

Bear hounding is a hunting tactic in which packs of dogs pursue exhausted, frightened bears until they seek refuge in a tree (where they are shot) or turn to fight. Both bears and dogs are injured and bear cubs are left vulnerable to mauling, orphaning and death.

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Nowhere to hide

Perhaps the cruelest form of hunting is the canned or captive hunt, where animals are placed in fenced-in spaces with no chance of escape. Animals in these situations are often hand-raised by humans so they become used to their presence, ensuring an easy kill for the paying trophy hunter.

A numbers game

Are killed annually by hunters—more than any other animal in the country.

Buck with large antlers standing near trees

Occur nationwide, with nearly five hundred operations in the state of Texas alone.

Pigeon posting on a gate

Favor a law to ban the practice in the only remaining state to allow live pigeon shoots.

A male leopard of approximately 70 kg is shot in Namibia by a white hunter

Stand with us in condemning the killing of wildlife for trophies, both in the United States and around the world. Pledge to do what you can to end this cruel and unsportsmanlike pastime.

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