Black Beauty Ranch—which is the world-renowned sanctuary for rescued animals operated by the Humane Society of the United States—becomes another beacon of light for humane treatment of animals in the growing network of the Trust’s Humane Stewardship Alliance lands. With over 1,400 acres in Murchison, Texas, Black Beauty is home to nearly 800 domestic and exotic animals. Many of these animals were rescued from life-threatening circumstances, such as research laboratories, law enforcement seizures and cruelty cases, roadside zoos, the exotic pet trade and public lands where they were threatened with extermination by government programs.

Black Beauty is a forever home for bison, cattle, horses, burros, antelope, apes, reptiles, tigers and other animals needing a safe, permanent home. As part of the Humane Stewardship Alliance, Black Beauty also provides safe homes for native wildlife, as the land is managed in a wildlife-friendly manner. Alligators, snapping turtles, armadillos, turkey vultures, cattle egrets and both white and blue herons are among the many wildlife species that benefit from Black Beauty’s humane stewardship of natural habitat.

With a long history of respect for animals and humane stewardship of habitat, Black Beauty exemplifies the many benefits of living in harmony with wildlife. “We are proud to be a member of the Humane Stewardship Alliance,” says Piper Crussell, Black Beauty Ranch’s senior coordinator of outreach and stewardship, “as it aligns with our mission of protecting animals.”

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