If you want to do more to help wildlife survive and thrive on your land, you’ll want to learn about humane stewardship. For practical guidance, you can tap into the Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust’s nearly three decades of experience implementing humane stewardship on lands we protect.

We’ve been permanently protecting vital habitat as wildlife sanctuaries and prohibiting hunting and trapping on those lands since 1993. But thousands of acres of habitat are still being destroyed each day and more than half of U.S. lands are privately owned. So, to help more wildlife right now, we want to encourage and help caring landowners like you to follow humane stewardship principles on your land.

Keeping habitat natural is a crucial first step. But without posting signs to prohibit hunting and trapping, wild animals are still at risk from those hazards. Wild animals also become victims of harmful wildlife conflict resolution methods, so we want to share humane and effective methods with you. If you’d like to manage your land in a wildlife-friendly manner, we hope you’ll join the Humane Stewardship Alliance.

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A shared pledge to humane stewardship

The Humane Stewardship Pledge is a personal commitment to manage your land following these core humane stewardship principles:

  • Prohibit and refrain from the hunting of native carnivores and omnivores.
  • Prohibit and refrain from the trapping of any animal.
  • Use humane solutions for conflicts with wildlife.
  • Engage in best habitat management for wildlife.

Benefits of membership

  • Add to a growing network of safe places for wildlife to survive and thrive.
  • Help wildlife adjust to habitat loss and keep local ecosystems intact.
  • Have opportunities to highlight your humane stewardship efforts on social media.
  • Access info on creating habitat for wildlife and resolving wildlife conflicts humanely.
  • Receive a resource guide for landowners and our member-focused newsletter.
Cougar standing on rocks
Phil Gould
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How to join

Submit an application for membership in the Trust’s Humane Stewardship Alliance program. After we receive your application, we will create a personalized Letter of Agreement (your Humane Stewardship Pledge) for you, which you will sign and return. If you have any questions, please call 1-800-729-SAVE or email us.

Whether you have a modest private property, family farm, campground, resort, commercial property or dedicated refuge, you can be a Humane Stewardship Alliance member and create a sanctuary on your land. There is no cost for a membership. Our agreements can be customized to include additional protections for wildlife and complement existing or future arrangements you may make to protect your land.

Every unexploited acre safeguards wild animals who desperately need natural habitat to survive. When you also commit to following humane stewardship principles on your land, you maximize your power to save wild animals’ lives.