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The Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust protects wildlife by permanently preserving habitat and providing humane stewardship.

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Land owners whose property includes critical wildlife habitat know that such lands are rapidly disappearing. They also know that refusing to sell to those who would destroy or exploit the land is admirable, but provides only temporary safety.

Since 1993, the Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust has provided a way to create permanent protection for both lands and the animals living there. With humane stewardship, careful monitoring and management of our thousands of acres, we protect spaces where wild animals thrive in their natural habitats. We look to connect these lands with other land trusts that share our mission of protecting animals.

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Humane Stewardship Alliance

Help wildlife survive and thrive on your land through the Humane Stewardship Alliance! This program offers individual land owners and other land trusts the opportunity to manage their land through core principles that benefit wildlife. Pledge to join today! Questions? Call 1-800-729-SAVE or fill out our contact form.

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The Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust protects wildlife by preserving natural habitats and permanent sanctuaries. Compassionate landowners across the country have worked with the Trust to establish 116 permanent sanctuaries—where wildlife can continue to thrive for generations.

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Our work

Together with the Humane Society of the United States, we’re calling attention to and addressing forms of wildlife abuse and exploitation such as:

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Our dedicated volunteers help the Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust provide increased levels of oversight to properties across the country and abroad. These caring and generous individuals spend countless hours monitoring the sanctuaries, making note of any violations of our hunting and trapping restrictions and reporting any relevant violations to local authorities. On behalf of wildlife, as well as all who share a concern for these creatures, we offer our appreciation for the efforts of these hardworking and committed volunteers.

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