Vital wildlife habitat is rapidly disappearing to development and other exploitative uses. The only defense against these unwanted changes to the land and disruption or loss of life for the wildlife it harbors is permanent protection. With humane stewardship, careful monitoring and management of our thousands of acres, we provide forever homes for wildlife.


The Trust Staff

James M. Reed, Executive Director
Nicole Paquette, President
Mark Hulme, Northwestern States Stewardship Specialist
Susannah May, Trust Counsel
Cary Smith, Program Specialist
Terry Majors, Caretaker, Doelger Sanctuary

The Trust Board of Directors

Nicole Paquette, Chair & President
Jennifer Hillman, Vice Chair & Vice President
Johanie V. Parra, Secretary
Anna Frostic, Board Member
William H. Hall, Board Member


How does Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust oversee the lands under its protection?

In addition to annual property reviews conducted by the Trust’s stewardship staff or our expert consultants, properties are monitored throughout the year by specially trained volunteer sanctuary monitors. These dedicated individuals oversee properties assigned to them and report any concerns that arise to our staff for follow-up.

Do all Trust sanctuaries have threatened, endangered or rare species living on them?

No. The Trust protects the homes of all species of wildlife living on our sanctuaries, not just those that are already endangered, threatened or rare. Many of our sanctuaries do provide safe homes for imperiled species, but our humane stewardship is a steadfast commitment to all wildlife on all Trust-protected lands. And, as wildlife biologists are discovering, many once common species are now seriously declining. This fact reveals the importance of valuing all wildlife and recognizing all wild animals deserve safe homes.

Financial information

The Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust depends on generous and compassionate landowners who are willing to donate a conservation easement or title to their property.

If the land we protect is donated, why do we need your financial support? Learn More

Tax ID Number

The Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust tax identification number is 52-1808517.

State registrations

Some states require charities to file certain financial documents with them and some require certain disclosures; we honor all of these requirements. We are proud to be one of the most transparent charities when it comes to sharing our financial information with our supporters and we encourage you to check out our financial statements and annual reports below.

You can obtain financial information about the Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust by contacting us at 1255 23rd Street NW, Suite 450, Washington, DC 20037 or calling 1-800-729-SAVE.

Financial statements

To keep members apprised of our financial situation, the Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust makes its most recent IRS Form 990s available for download:

Charity rating

Charity Navigator has decided not to rate land trusts. Their statement says:

Why doesn’t Charity Navigator evaluate Land Trusts and Preserves anymore?
Due to the nature of their operations, land trusts and preserves have the potential to realize wild fluctuations in revenue from year to year due to inconsistencies associated with large land acquisitions and donations of valuable real property. To further complicate matters, within the sector there remains some disagreement as to how certain related expenses should be reported on the IRS Form 990. Inconsistent factors may yield inconsistent evaluations over time and so in keeping with our promise to provide reliable information and to evaluate all charities fairly, we have decided to no longer evaluate charities classified as Land Trusts and Preserves."

Contact us

Whether you have a question about a conservation easement, a conflict with your wild neighbors or a nature story you want to share, we want to hear from you! Fill out our contact form to get in touch or call 1-800-729-SAVE.