You’re already addressing wild animals’ most urgent need by protecting vital habitat. But wildlife is still targeted on many protected lands. Wild animals also become victims of cruel wildlife conflict resolution methods. That’s why the Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust wants to collaborate with land trusts like yours to encourage following humane stewardship principles on the lands you protect.

Simply put, if many more protected lands were managed in a wildlife-friendly manner, a more balanced ecosystem can be reestablished. We believe that’s a shared goal worth pursuing. We hope you’ll agree and that you’ll choose to join with others in the land trust community who share your compassion for wildlife by committing to the Humane Stewardship Pledge.

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A shared pledge to humane stewardship

The Humane Stewardship Pledge is a voluntary commitment to manage fee-owned properties your land trust protects following these core humane stewardship principles:

  • Prohibit the hunting of native carnivores and omnivores.
  • Prohibit the trapping of any animal.
  • Use humane solutions for conflicts with wildlife.
  • Engage in best habitat management for wildlife.

Benefits for your land trust

  • Giving wildlife greater opportunities to survive and thrive.
  • Attracting potential land donors who want to protect wildlife more fully.
  • Free webinars on humane stewardship of conservation lands.
  • Non-lethal wildlife conflict training.
  • Educational materials, management templates and advisement manuals.
  • A resource page with links to wildlife species profiles. 
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How to join

Submit an application for membership in the Trust’s Humane Stewardship Alliance program. After we receive your application, we will create a personalized Letter of Agreement (your Humane Stewardship Pledge) for your land trust, which a staff member in an official capacity will sign on behalf of your land trust and return. If you have any questions, please call 1-800-729-SAVE or email us

Your land trust’s membership in the Humane Stewardship Alliance is voluntary and there are no costs to participate. Our agreements can be customized to include additional protections for wildlife and complement existing or future arrangements you may make to protect properties in your land trust’s care.

Every protected acre safeguards wild animals who desperately need natural habitat to survive. Humane stewardship is the natural extension of land preservation, maximizing your land trust’s power to save wild animals’ lives.