An eco-friendly getaway known as the Hideaway Ranch and Refuge in north Texas became one of the founding members of the Humane Stewardship Alliance. The Hideaway focuses on giving guests a relaxing stay in a natural setting, where they can unplug and unwind with such pastimes as hiking the trails, watching birds and other wildlife and stargazing. Cabins are discreetly tucked into the 150-acre forested property, giving guests privacy and peaceful views.

Owners Jason and Traci had made a concerted effort about two years ago to shift the focus of the Hideaway to emphasize nature and to utilize and promote sustainable and earth-friendly practices. Providing a sanctuary for wildlife is one of their main goals for their land, so they were excited to learn of the Humane Stewardship Alliance and knew immediately that they wanted the Hideaway to be a member.

“We strive to allow the Hideaway to be as natural as possible,” says Jason. The landscape’s native grasses, shrubs and trees are managed with wildlife in mind, while maintaining comfort and safety for guests. “We avoid using pesticides, fertilizer and herbicides on the land,” he adds, “and we do not kill predators or any other native species.”

That means great opportunities for visitors to see native wildlife. And it means safe homes for wildlife. Deer, armadillos, coyotes, bobcats, raccoons, opossums and coatimundis are among the native wildlife that may sometimes be seen here and owls can be heard calling at night. Migratory ducks and geese also use the property, and two imperiled bird species—the golden-cheeked warbler and the black-capped vireo—have been seen here as well.

The Hideaway Ranch and Refuge is a wonderful example of people and wildlife sharing land compatibly. In pledging to follow humane stewardship principles on their land as a member of the Humane Stewardship Alliance, the Hideaway establishes itself as a safe place for native wildlife and peaceful place for human visitors to relax while reconnecting with nature.

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