As a means to more rapidly help meet wildlife’s urgent need for safe habitat, the Wildlife Land Trust is launching the Humane Stewardship Alliance, which will quickly bring the lifesaving benefits of humane stewardship of habitat to more wildlife. We’re reaching out to other land trusts and to private landowners and encouraging them to make a voluntary commitment to follow humane stewardship principles in managing their land. And to make it easier for other land trusts and private landowners to manage lands humanely, we’re sharing extensive practical guidance, gathered over the Trust’s nearly three decades of implementing humane stewardship principles on lands we protect.

Every protected acre safeguards wild animals who desperately need natural habitat to survive. Humane stewardship is the natural extension of land trusts’ habitat preservation work, as it maximizes their power to save wild animals. Likewise, humane stewardship empowers owners of modest private properties, family farms, campgrounds, resorts, commercial properties, dedicated refuges and other private properties to protect wildlife. The voluntary Humane Stewardship Pledge may be customized, but generally includes a commitment to following these core humane stewardship principles:

  • Prohibit the hunting of native predators.
  • Prohibit the trapping of any animal.
  • Use humane solutions for conflicts with wildlife.
  • Engage in best habitat management for wildlife.

Complete your application online or request a brochure and application by contacting us via email or calling 1-800-729-SAVE.

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