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Wild burros are small but hardy equines capable of surviving in challenging environments.


Fertility control: Essential to American wild burros and mustangs While wild burros are legally viewed in the same light as the American mustang, protected as a living symbol of the American West, the wild horses often seem to receive most of the public's attention. But burros have played a critical...


Together, we can protect horses and burros from cruelty.


What is immunocontraception? Immunocontraception is a birth control method that uses the body's immune response to prevent pregnancy. Why is the Humane Society of the United States sponsoring research in immunocontraception? The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) believes that...

Band of wild horses

Editor's note: After this story was originally published, it was brought to our attention that some of the language could be interpreted differently than intended. The HSUS does not believe that wild horses are overpopulated and the story's subtitle has been revised to remove the word...

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