Chinchillas are small rodents native to South America who live in large colonies.

Both species of chinchillas are endangered in the wild due to poaching and habitat loss. Chinchillas are intensively bred in captive facilities for their fur, the pet trade and biomedical research. At fur farms, chinchillas live in cruel conditions before being crudely killed for their soft, dense coats. At facilities where chinchillas are bred for research, inspectors have found animals living in filth and with untreated injuries. Even living in homes as pets, these wild animals often suffer when well-meaning owners cannot meet their complex physical and behavioral needs.

Chinchilla fur farms in Romania
Chinchillas should not be bred for human use.

Wild chinchillas live in large social groups on rocky mountains. They have thick fur coats and are unable to pant or sweat, so they can easily overheat in human homes. If a pet owner has their heart set on getting a chinchilla, they should thoroughly research how to properly care for these shy, nocturnal animals before adopting one from a shelter or rescue instead of buying from a pet store.

grey chinchilla is sitting in pet cage
Did you know?

Chinchillas have powerful hind legs and can jump over six feet in the air.

Small afraid fox kit looks out of cage on fur farm

Every year, around 100 million animals are killed for their fur. Not only do these animals face immense suffering, but they are also a serious public health risk. Join us in stopping the fur trade.

Kristo Muurimaa / Oikeutta Elaimille