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The HSUS supports farmers and ranchers who give proper care to their animals and promote environmentally sustainable agriculture.

Family farmers are often threatened by factory farms where animals are treated like commodities, and HSUS’s Rural Outreach program helps provide a platform and voice for those farmers who share our passion for high standards of animal welfare.

The HSUS State Agricultural Advisory Councils and the National Agriculture Advisory Council consist of family farmers who want to raise the bar for animal welfare in agriculture. Council members provide advice and guidance to The HSUS, advocate for policies to improve farm animal welfare, as well as assist other traditional family farmers who want to make the switch to higher welfare practices.

By highlighting farms that exemplify the best practices, the councils promote policies that foster better animal welfare and environmental stewardship. Working together with each other and within agriculture communities is another step toward building a more humane economy.

  • Warren Taylor, owner of Snowville Creamery, serves on the HSUS Ohio Agriculture Advisory Council.

Agriculture Advisory Councils

The members of our state agriculture advisory councils and our national agriculture advisory council are farmers, producers and agriculture professionals who believe in higher standards of animal welfare in agriculture.


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