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The HSUS runs a wildlife care center in Massachusetts and works to support animal welfare legislation, fight animal cruelty in all forms, rescue animals in danger and engage citizens to promote the protection of animals. Find out how you can help animals in Massachusetts and around the country. Contact us Frequently Asked Questions See Massachusetts News on Facebook

Meet Our Massachusetts State Director

After working on the campaigns for Mainers for Fair Bear Hunting and Keep Michigan Wolves Protected, Stephanie Harris is the Massachusetts state director.
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Take Action
  • Protect pets in Massachusetts

    The inside of a car can heat up to 100 degrees in just 10 minutes on an 80-degree day -- even with the windows open. Pets left in hot cars can suffer needlessly and even die. Thankfully, legislation just passed the Massachusetts House and Senate that will help protect pets from dangerous situations. Now, your help is needed to get S.2369 over the final hurdle. Can you urge Governor Baker to sign S.2369 into law?

  • Pledge to Vote Yes on 3 to Prevent Farm Animal Cruelty

    You can end the cruel confinement of farm animals in Massachusetts. Put an end to cruel confinement on the 2016 ballot and vote "Yes!" to ensure that hens, pigs and calves are not kept in cages so small they can't turn around or extend their limbs.


  • Get Mobile Alerts

    Text HSUSMA to 30644 to receive text alerts from The HSUS with ways to make a critical difference for animals in Massachusetts. (Message and data rates may apply.)

  • Volunteer for the animals 

    From helping animals in our care centers, to assisting the HSUS Animal Rescue Team, to grassroots organizing, there are many ways you can help. Learn More Volunteer at the Cape Wildlife Center


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